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Open more than 1 data source in PVM or RDM

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Need to be able to open more than one data source in one opened RDM or PVM session.


When I administer or share data store with my clients, I need to be able to open multiple clients data sources in one opened RDM session, without switching between databases.

I do not want to have one single data store for all my client, per security reason, so clients do not see each others entries.

same for PVM.


Robert Nieznansky
Sprava IT Poprad Clouding s.r.o.

Clock10 mths

Unfortunately our architecture does not allow us to do that. This will need a major refactoring. I think that the best solution would be to enable the Allow Multiple Instance in File->Otptions and open more than one PVM.


David Hervieux


Clock10 mths