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would it be possible to add for the Template feature the organization with folders? And the views Tiles, List, Details, Large Icons (like as in the Attachments section) At the moment only a list view (only Name column) is available.

If you have many different customers, you have a lot of customized templates at the root level, a organizsation for each customer would be better - like you can create a folder Customer A and here you put all Customer A related templates in it - same for Customer B... and on the root folder you could store "universal" templates

Also the folders should be browsable if you have Template list configured in the data source settings.

Could be useful for a better structure and simplified organization if you own many templates

What do you think?



Clock29 days

Hello Min,

That's a great idea, we'll see what we can do and I'll let you know what we come up with. smile


Hubert Mireault


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