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Add an 'inactivity' component to "Automatically close session after n minutes" (RDP Sessions)

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The current implementation of "Automatically close session after n minutes" has no regard for if the user is actively interacting with the session. For example, if you set this to 1 minute, and I'm actively typing and interacting with the remote desktop, I still get disconnected 60seconds after connection. I don't see a great use for this feature in it's current state.

What would be better would be if RDM could detect if the user is interacting / has focus / something with the session, and reset the timer if interaction takes places. I don't want to be kicking people off for no reason other than an arbitrary time limit (except maybe on April Fool's), but I do want to disconnect (not log off) their sessions to reduce memory consumption of the product.

Clock8 mths

Indeed the original feature was a simple limited time expiration. We could try to improve but we won't be able to capture key press or mouse click since it's in the RDP ActiveX directly. We could consider that if you don't have the tab selected for more than X minutes, it will close. What do you think?


David Hervieux


Clock8 mths

I think that would be a great start. Closing a tab that hasn't been focused in a while would be a good first step to help solve this programmatically.

We're struggling with RAM resources but have done comparisons between RDM and regular mstsc.exe, and the consumption is similar, so it's really just a matter of getting our admins to close/disconnect/log off their RDP sessions.

Clock8 mths

Hello all.

Did this (auto-close after x minutes of 'tab-not-in-focus') was ever implemented?
I'm actually looking for this feature for our team.

Thanks !

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