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Sub Connection Performance

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So far in my setup I've decided to go the sub-connection route for over a 100 parent connection nodes. Basically I have a RDP connection as the root and under that I have any other related RDPs, DBs, or Web connections needed for that root (typically no more than 3 sub-connections).

We store our configuration using a SQL server, and I've noticed that in that DB those sub-connections are actually stored as XML rather than table structured data. What I'm wondering is if there is any performance loss/gain from structuring my connections in this way? Or If I'm better off structuring them with a folder as the root instead. Only main reason I like the sub-connection route so far is that it gives us quick connection access to our various applications main RDP, which we need to access more often than not. But the folder route probably wouldn't be too big of a deal IF the performance is much better. Currently I feel like the application can be very sluggish, especially when editing properties, which makes sense if we are constantly parsing and re-uploading an entire section of XML for each change on any single sub-connection.



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You could achieve this scenario in a most efficient manner by using HOST & TEMPLATES.

KB on

We even have a video

Sub-Connections are limited in certain scenarios, and should be considered a Legacy feature.

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Thanks. I'll check it out.


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