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Remove installer after auto-update

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From user perspective it might be a bug, but I am a developer so I know that it can be treated as new feature smile

Generally the msi's afters auto-update are not removed which leaks user's disk space a lot.
Disk space is cheap but still for example I have SSD 120GB and it is really not a lot these days and each installer takes > 100MB.

Repro steps:
1. Install older version of Remote Desktop Manager
2. Auto-update to newer version

Actual result:
The msi is located C:\Users\robert.pajak\AppData\Local\Temp\Update after installation

Expected result:
After installation the msi should be removed from the disk

Side notes:
I have run Disk Cleanup and the files are still there. It does not remove these files.

Clock12 days

Good point,
I will add this to our todo list.


David Hervieux


Clock12 days