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Ability to Use PVM/RDM with Notes Open for Modification

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I am requesting that PVM/RDM be modified to allow me to leave notes open while using the application.

It may be that I take notes more loosely than the average user. I like the option of a secure note for sensitive or informational notes specific to remote management and password storage. Being able to modify the notes while working is important.

It is also handy to have the notes open in a separate window. For example, if I had open a remote session to a server, I may also have a note in the same folder with the domain controller containing information on the server. In some cases I place notes in the entry of the remote session, but it's difficult to access that for review during a connection.


~James Bullock

Clock10 mths

I will try to improve the workflow for that in a future version. I have few ideas.


David Hervieux


Clock10 mths