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Browser Extension and Repositories

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Perhaps less a bug and more a question. I recently implemented multiple repositories in RDM as our number of connections has grown to the point that performance is being impacted. I've noticed that the browser extension only pulls entries from the repository that's currently selected in RDM.

Is this behavior by design? If so, can it be changed to allow the extension to look up Web Logins across all repositories? Or even better allow selection of which repositories it can search from the Extension options similar to the option to allow search through a Private Vault?

It's frustrating having to remember to switch between repositories before switching to a web browser to log into a website.


Clock2 yrs

We have something coming for the next major update and we want to keep a kind of index of the entry from all the repository. This will allow us to perhaps switch automatically from one repository to another.


David Hervieux


Clock2 yrs