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Remote Desktop Manager free ver 64 bit: the SSH sessions died

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after update to the last release I got some issue to use SSH sessions.

Anytime I try to connect to an SSH, the sesion dies without any message.
I have tried to setup the log on the session but no log is generated.

I have tried to de-install the Remote Desktop manager and reinstall: nothing change.
the SSH sessions die in the fingerprint registration.
Thank you

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We have a fix for that, but I hasn't been published yet, the Free edition comes a few days behind our Enterprise Edition.

Can you revert to the previous version that you were using?

Best regards,

Maurice Côté


Clock2 yrs

Thank you Maurice for the answer.
yes I can install the previous version, but I haven't stored in my laptop the setup files of previous version of Remote Desktop Manager free.
I see in your site only the previous version of Enterprise edition. would you please share the link to download the previous version of free edition?
thak you

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Hello Fabrizio,

click here for RDM Free
and here for RDM Free
and finally here for RDM Free



Clock2 yrs

Thank you.
I have found the old version in my laptop and then installed
it's OK.

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