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Mobile App can't connect to the data source

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Hello, we have PVM running on a cloud MySQL server. Our desktop clients are still able to connect and access the passwords in the database. But our iOS apps get an error, "Unable to Connect to your Data Source".

However, when I edit the data source in the app, Test Host and Test Schema are both successful.

The mobile app is version 4.5.3 and the desktop application is version

Clock20 days


This issue has been resolved internally and the version containing the fix should be available in a week approximately.

Best regards,

Jeff Dagenais


Clock20 days

Great, thanks!

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I received the iOS App update earlier this week. I am still unable to connect the mobile app to my data source using either of my user accounts that I have setup for PVM. When I put the credentials in, Test Host and Test Schema are both successful, I'm able to select the correct Database name (so I assume that means I'm getting authenticated properly), but then when I go out to view the passwords stored in my Vault, it says there's an error connecting to the data source.

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