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SSH from Mac with 2FA

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We have a couple of SSH hosts that use keys as well as 2FA using Google Authenticator. From a Mac CMD line I can ssh with the following:

ssh -i keyfile.pem username@hostname

I then get prompted to enter my 2FA 6 digit token

I then get access.

Is there anyway to get this working with RDM?

Clock2 yrs

Hi Steve,

With the recently released RDM, it should be possible.

You'll need to use the experimental SSH engine (Preferences window -> Session Type -> SSH Shell -> General -> Engine) and enable the Interactive authentication (entry settings -> SSH Shell -> Advanced -> Interactive authentication in terminal).

If you want to retain the auto-filling of the password, you'll have to enter the right password label in the appropriate field (entry settings -> SSH Shell -> Terminal -> Password prompt string).

Best regards,

Xavier Fortin


Clock2 yrs