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Dark Theme changes / Black Theme addition

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I was on the stable version of RDM Enterprise (v13.6.7.0) and have always used the Office 2016 (Dark) theme, which I like very much.

Today, I upgraded to the Beta version (v13.9.14) and noticed that there have been some changes to the dark color scheme. I dislike these changes very much, as they make the dark theme much lighter overall. In particular, I am referring to the tab bar at the top, which used to be a gray for inactive tabs and a darker gray for the active tab with focus. This looked great! It has since been updated to use a much lighter gray color, and the active tabs are now a light blue. I think this looks so much worse than the previous version, and it is actually quite hard to read white text on the light blue color. Actually while composing this, I see stable v14 was released, so I have upgraded to that, but the color scheme is the same as it was in the Beta (ugly).

The same color change has affected the exterior portion of the navigation panel, and I assume some other elements of the UI (ribbon?). I do not like that the "Dark" theme has actually been made lighter in this update.

Here is an old screenshot of how I think the dark theme should look:

And here is a screenshot of the current versions from your support rep, James Lafleur, as I discussed this with him this morning:
^Notice how much lighter (AKA uglier) this new version looks compared to the old dark theme. It is also hard to read the white text on that light blue color of the active tab.

This topic is to suggest a reversion of the color scheme changes that have recently been made to the dark theme.

Additionally, I am requesting an even darker theme to be added. Microsoft offers a "Black" theme for Office, but only to O365 subscribers. They use the black theme as a selling point for O365, indicating it is a highly desirable feature. Devolutions could do something similar by making a black theme that is only available to Enterprise customers. It's 2018 and dark themes are all the rage. I would like to see an even darker "Black" theme added, and/or make the "Dark" theme darker than it currently is.

Obviously, this is not a high priority over fixing bugs and other functional aspects of the program, but I do love dark/black themes and would like to see more of it in RDM.

Thank you!

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Hello Casey,

RDM is now available since this morning but I've made a change after the release for the dark mode and the tab. This should be available soon. I will add your request for a black theme on our todo list.


David Hervieux


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Wow, that's impressive support! Looking forward to that update. Thanks!

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