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RUNS AS tab in the user specific settings

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Goes back to an issue i am currently troubleshooting with the support team. I need to run a CMD line connection via another user. the CMD settings does have a RUN AS tab, however since this is a team data source it would not be wise to put personal credentials as the default RUN AS. The user specific settings does have the override credentials, however that override does not work for RUN AS a different user of CMD line.

Here is the original post as a reference, though there are some emails between myself and a technician that lead me to his idea.

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As we discussed in the original post, the following feature request, Devo-739, has been assigned to our engineering department.
I will notify you as soon as I have any update on that matter.

I know that you are already aware of this but I wanted to provide this information to our community as well.

Best regards,

James Lafleur


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Thanks. You never know what you need until the issue arises.

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