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Edge Web Browser ?

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When adding or configuring an entry type of "Web Browser (http/https)" can you please add Edge as a browser choice in addition to the existing IE/FireFox/Chrome selections?

Clock2 mths

Do you mean embedded? Unfortunately if it's the case it's not possible for now. It's only available with .NET UWP which is not compatible with the .NET we use. However Microsoft is supposed to change that eventually.


David Hervieux


Clock2 mths

"Do you mean embedded?"

Whatever you call it when you create new entry of the type "Web Browser (http/https)". The only options available for "Web browser application" are.IE/FireFox/Chrome. Is that what you mean by "embedded"?.

Clock2 mths


The embedded mode is that RDM will open the Web Browser entry in a tab.

You can get more information about Embedded, Undocked and External mode on the following online help page.

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Érica Poirier

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