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So I've noticed that the double clicking of entries seems to only work if the actual navigation pane inside RDM has focus. RDM itself (the application has focus) but not the navigation pane.
This is extremely annoying. Most users will typically give RDM application focus, and then expect to be able to double click an entry. Instead, you end up having to double click the entry twice, because the first double click brings the nav pane into focus, then the second double click opens the entry.

Is there a way to be make it that if RDM application has focus then if you double click an entry you don't have to first click inside the nav pane?

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I will ask our QA to reproduce it. I'm not able to get this behaviour.


David Hervieux


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Hello @H K,

To clarify, when the application has focus, the application name is showed as white, if it doesn't have the focus, it would show as colored grey.


From the test I've done on my side wether it has the focus or not the double click always works to launch a sessions. So that looks like a bug to me.

The reason why you might be getting this might be because of a different configurations of the RDM options.

To reproduce this issue I would need.

1- Your Remote desktop Manager configuration files. Please follow these steps :
and send it via emails to
2- The RDM current version/32 or 64 bits and the datasource type you're using.
3- Your OS version.
4- A video always helps to show how to reproduce, but with the previous information that just might be enough to tackle it.

Thanks for reporting this issue smile.


Alexandre Roy


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