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make split screen a better experience

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Is there a way to make the split screen tabbed control a better experience?
See screenshots. If you have dark background command windows you can see that when you grab a window to do split screen, you can't really see the controls in the middle of the screen.

Also, the controls are very small. You can only do split screen if you drag the window into a tiny 'folder' on the top, left, bottom, or right that is only a few hundred pixels in size. Why can't this be much bigger? 300 or 500% larger? It would make doing split screen easier and faster since you can drag more quickly.

Clock9 mths


Clock9 mths

I see what you mean. I will check with the third party we use.


David Hervieux


Clock9 mths

These controls in the middle of the screen used to be white IIRC.

Clock9 mths

color aside, we would still wish it to be a much bigger screen area to drag the titlebars into.

Clock9 mths