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Windows Admin Center Compatibility

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With the formal release of Windows Admin Center (formerly project Honolulu) RDM should be able to open the primary Admin Center page, individual server pages, and automatically log you in. Currently RDM has the following issues that prevent this from happening.

  • Loading Admin Center pages only work in external mode. They will load in Embedded mode using Google Chrome as the browser, but you receive a page cannot be displayed error when it first loads and if you refresh it or hit the home button, the page will load correctly.
  • Admin Center does not properly authenticate the user RDM is run under. If you run any browser as a user with permission to Admin Center, it will automatically log you in, but if you run RDM with the same user and launch the web browser session in either embedded or external mode, Admin Center says the credentials are invalid.
  • Add the ability for RDM to auto log in as a specified user. If the user account is not accepted by Admin Center, it will display a form with radio buttons to allow you to log in with a different user. The second (non default) radio button has to be selected and then a username and password need to be entered into form fields that do not have an ID associated to them.

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Hello Randall,
We will verify what we can do next week.


David Hervieux


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Same issue on my Site with RDM
Windows Admin Center is one of the important tools from Microsoft for a Administrator yet and in the future.
Please try to fix the Problem, so we can use this website in RDM.

Some Links:



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I too am looking for this to be resolved.

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To let you know, we opened a ticket for this request. We'll put it in higher priority since there's a lot of people who want this integration in RDM.


Hubert Mireault


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