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Connection to Wayk Den - add timeout

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if you set up a Wayk Now connection with PFP permission and the remote user doesn't react to the permission window RDM should end the connection attempt in a (global configurable ?) time frame.

At the moment the window "Connecting to Wayk Den" are shown and RDM stucks and report not responding - it is only possible to end this with task manager and kill the RDM process.

PS: Because of an other issue with the PFP permissions we found for the moment a bypass solution: Following setting works with PFP permission:

  • Wayk Den Source = Standard
  • Host = .....
  • Passwort = whateveryouwant (THIS IS REQUIRED!!)
  • Authentication: Prompt for permission
in this constellation the config are saved, the password are ignored and the remote user receive the permission window



Clock12 mths

Hello Min,

This issue must have slipped through, but we'll assign someone to look at it. smile


Hubert Mireault


Clock11 mths