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Wayk Now issues with PFP and Password authentication

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We have troubles with Wayk Now sessions - It is not possible to set only a host or local IP Address with authentication mode Prompt for Permission or Password

If we set up a session like this we receive the error ConnectCore failed: The target hostname could not be resolved - opening the properties again the host field is empty.

At the moment it only works when all details are filled in (Host, Username and Password)

Tested on and



Clock2 yrs

Hello Min,

Marc-André is investigating, we'll get back to you shortly.

Maurice Côté


Clock2 yrs

Hello Maurice,

thanks for the info!

For the moment we found a bypass solution: Following setting works with PFP permission:

  • Wayk Den Source = Standard
  • Host = .....
  • Passwort = whateveryouwant (THIS IS REQUIRED!!)
  • Authentication: Prompt for permission
in this constellation the config are saved, the password are ignored and the remote user receive the permission window


Clock2 yrs