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Copy to clipboard button

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It would be nice to have a copy to clipboard button for usernames and passwords for instance when RDM or weblogin is not possible.
Right now you have to open the properties and you can't use RDM until you close that screen.
Or if there is I have not found it yet.

Clock11 mths

Hi Francois,

In the current version of RDM we have the option to Copy Username/Password when right click is perform on a session.

Is it this feature you are looking for?


Best regards,

David Grandolfo


Clock11 mths

Actually David I had not seen that feature before. I'm so used to zipping thru my icons (because they are so useful) I never right click on the creds before.
Yes this is exactly what I was looking for.

Tks for the help and quick reply.

Clock11 mths