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Multiple connections for 1 credential

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Is it possible to create multiple connections (RDP, or whatever) with 1 credential?

Because I have here multiple connections, and mostly they have the same credentials, but if the password has changed, I need to change all the connection I need to do. I'd like change 1 time for all connections on the same company.

Extra info:

I'm new at this and I'm experimenting with this software, so I'm using the free edition right now. Maybe I (we)'ll change to the enterprise edition, but first I need to know what this program can do for our benefit!

Thank you very much!

Clock11 mths

Hi Nick,

please have a look on this thread


Clock11 mths

So it seems it's only available on Enterprise Edition, right?

Clock11 mths


Indeed, the feature that you are looking for is only available inside the Enterprise Edition.

Inside the Enterprise Edition of RDM, it's possible to create a Username/Password credential entry and reuse this entry in multiples RDP sessions.

You may also have a look at the Inherited feature, which allow you to save the credentials on the parent folder and set the child sessions to Inherited so they can use the credentials saved inside the folder

Best regards,

Jeff Dagenais


Clock11 mths