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Azure IaaS Integration

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Remote Desktop Manager has been one of my core tools for years but more and more of my work is now in the cloud. I would love to see more integration between RDM and Azure PowerShell and the CLI. I have written PowerShell scripts to connect to different tenants and subscriptions using both Azure AD accounts or a serviceprincipal. I would love to be able to store these in RDM or KeePass and invoke them based on the VM that I am trying to connect with.

I have also worked on scripts that will shut down or start one or more VMs in Azure in parallel. There is a feature that will automatically shut down a VM at a specified time but having the ability to select all servers in an environment in RDM and start or stop them would be really helpful.

While I am dreaming, I have created scripts that will create a whole series of VMs and generate a unique DNS prefix for the public IP and then update the Azure NSG so the only IP that can access the RDP on that public IP is the current public IP of the machine I am running from. Having some ability to point RDM at a resource group with the right credentials and discover that information to populate the connection profiles would be a real help.

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Hello Christopher,
Have you tried to use the RDM PowerShell for that or perhap integrate your scripts into RDM with the Macro Script Tools?


David Hervieux


Clock11 mths