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Can't save web links on Devolutions Web Login

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Hello ,
I am running a trial version of Remote Desktop Manager and Devoltions Web Login plugin for Chrome , When I try to access a new website I get to save the URL credentials into the Devolutions WEB folder for password vault manager I get Error Unable to save the entry . If I try to access the properties of the plugin I get Failed While sending request . Please verify if your PVM is open .

Thank you .

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This issue might be due by the fact that you are currently using a trial of Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise while trying to save your credentials in Password Vault Manager with the Devolutions Web Login extension.

In order to avoid receiving this error, could you please try to save your credentials in Remote Desktop Manager instead?

If the issue still persist afterward, could you please provide me a screenshot of the error message and the version of your Remote Desktop Manager application?

Best regards,

James Lafleur


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Hi James ,
I changed the setting to save the credentials to Remote Desktop Manager and now I don't see the plugin screen that shows me is I want to save the credentials for the URL. I have attached the screenshot , also what is Please Verify if your PVM is open? I still see that when I open the properties o the plugin.
Thank you ,
Jose Montero

Support - Remote Desktop Manager .docx
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Thank you for this screenshot.

Usually, you receive the following error message "Failed while sending request. Please verify if your RDM is open" because you RDM application may not be opened at the moment.

Could you please do the following in order to see if it solve this issue:

1- Open Remote Desktop Manager

2- Navigate to your website using your current web browser

3- Click on the Devolutions Web Login extension icon

4- Click on the "+" sign

5- Enter your credentials for this website in the Username and Password Field

6- Click on the "Save" button

By following these steps, a new Login (Web) entry with your credential will be created in your Private Vault (default location).

From now on, when you will navigate to this website, your credentials will be filled automatically. If you wish to disable this feature, you can go to the Settings of your Devolutions Web Login extension, under "General", uncheck "Automatically fill in credentials on load".

Best regard.

James Lafleur


Clock2 yrs