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Cmder Integration

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I recently stumbled upon a product called Cmder which is a console emulator and I've fallen in love and its completely replaced my other shells as this does just about everything from pre-defined tasks, multi pane windows, tabs etc. which for someone who works from the command line a lot and remotes into Linux machines via SSH saves a ton of time.

The website is here and has full documentation etc.

Do you think it would be possible to get proper integration with RDM and have this as an embedded window being able to pass in the Task name you want to run etc. from the session properties?

Right now I can get it to work by using a Command Line session and launching it manually (externally) but proper integration would be awesome if its even possible.

Thanks as always for a great product!

Clock10 mths

Have you tried to use the Command Line integration BUT with the setting embedded?


David Hervieux


Clock10 mths