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Active Directory Group synchronisation

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Hi Devolutions-Team,

i m struggling a bit with the sync of our AD and the AD-Groups.

Is it possible to give Folder the right Access to users via an AD-Group? Not a self created Password-Server group?
I know i can import AD-User but there is no feature for syncing and importing those Groups.

Maybe you can help me out.

Actually i am searching for an Vault-Manager for our whole company. So each departement need their Vault (or folder) for individual access. E.g. purchase-Dep got a folder with all logins to Credit-Cards and Shopping-Websites and Service to Remote-Tools and so on.

To keep it simple, we want to give access based on AD-Groups. So when something changes in our AD we dont need to touch Password Server and every other single-Software-Rights. smile

Best regards

Clock2 yrs

Oh, nevermind. I found that the AD-Groups can be used in the Section "Roles".

Now i can test if the role/group-rights is a good and easy thing for us.

BR Lucas

Clock2 yrs


Thank you for your feedback.

Glad that is now working.

Best regards,

Jeff Dagenais


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