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Keeping track of software and firmare versions on assets

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I see RDM has the option to add "Software / Serials" and some other fields also have the ability to add things like Version, Expiration and such.
Although it doesn't seem to be working for me at the moment, there's also an option to run Expiration reports and some inventory reports.

Even though probably out of scope for RDM, I believe some elements are already in place and RDM could make for a practical place to keep this rudimentary information;

If there was a blank 'session' - option, that could be duplicated and some elements changed to create custom sessions;

then maybe RDM is getting pretty close to a simple assetmanagement tool, to keep track of which items have which version;

there's a vendor; Cisco, some general info attached
there's a class; Switch
there's a type/model; C3850, some general info / documentation, faq etc could be attached, link to firmware site etc
there's a version; 15.5T1, could also have some fields / elements to add info like changelog. Maybe a date so a report can be made to see 'outdated' things.

A customer, or site or whatever can now be assigned an Asset (cisco c3850) with current version as info / to be chosen from pulldown menu.

A report can now list all specific assets, show customer / site and current version.

So you can quickly see which assets have outdated software/firmware.

This would have to be very simple, like a small relational "database"
Nothing automated, just plain filling in the info and doing a vlookup kind of thing.

We already have many assets in RDM, like SSH sessions for switches and some others may not have a management option like Web or SSH but could still be informational

This would have to work across different repositories (sharing the same data)

Clock10 mths

We plan to use Devolutions Password Server (and RDM) internally at Devolutions to manage our asset. This will be a good test for us and we will be able to see what is missing. I will let you know when we are ready to do this.


David Hervieux


Clock10 mths