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Option to completely hide repositories in RDM Server

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As an IT service provider we manage many different environments for our customers.
It would make sense to seperate different environments in seperate repositories.

When we want to provide our customers with direct access to the data we have on them in RDM I believe the only current method would be to create a seperate instance (sql + web) which, looking at pricing options does not look like what that's intended for.

A option to "hide repository for accounts that do not have access" would make sense.
Otherwise CustomerA would also be able to see all the names for all other repositories like CustomerB, CustomerC and so forth.

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If you are using RDM with an advanced data source, as SQL server or Devolutions Password Server (which give you a web browser access), go to the Administration tab --> Repositories. From here you can remove access to a user and then the Repository will be hidden from the Repository drop down list.

If you already configured your RDM like that and it doesn't work, which version are you using with which data source?

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David Grandolfo

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Nope, that seems to work!
Wasn't the case before, I should have checked this before requesting. Guess I didn't notice this in the changelogs.

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