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Better tracking of Credential entries when they are un-parented.

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Given the following as a starting condition:

A parent object entry with two sub-connection child entries having a hierarchy like:

[Main Object entry] (a parent object)
- [RDP Session entry] (a child object of Main)
- [Credential entry] (a child object of Main)

The RDP Session entry is configured to use the Credential entry for credentials.

If I were to un-parent the RDP Session entry and the Credential entry we end up with a hierarchy something like:

[Main Object entry]
[RDP Session entry]
[Credential entry]

Now when I try to start the RDP Session entry it fails.
When I edit the RDP Session entry it tells me:

"Unable to find the credential entry, this setting will be lost!"

This is easy enough to fix by re-pointing the credentials in the RDP Session entry to the 'new' Credential entry location.

It would be much nicer if, when un-parenting a Credential entry, any Session referencing that entry was updated to see the 'new location' of those Credentials.


Clock11 mths

This seems to be a bug. I will assign this to our dev.


David Hervieux


Clock11 mths

Thanks David.

I wasn't sure if it was expected behavior or not.

Clock11 mths