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Browser plugins should respect User and Local credential overrides

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I'm using RDM (windows) and the Chrome Browser addon.

I often user User and Local overrides of sessions to select credentials from my private vault.

I would expect that when I visit a site that's present as entry in RDM and for which I've overriden credentails would show up as suggestion in the addon.

This is not happening. I only get the addon working when credentials are specified in the entry directly.

Clock11 mths

Hello Daniele,
I will report this to the browser extension team for investigation.


David Hervieux


Clock11 mths


We tried to reproduce your issue and we weren't able to reproduce it.

Can you explain the steps you do when creating your session?

What is your RDM version and what is your data source type?

Do you use a Data entry (Web Login) or HTTP(S) Web Session?

Is the option "Enable web browser extension link" is checked in your session?

Best regards,

Olivier Désalliers


Clock11 mths

Thank you for the extra-quick reaction.

And once again the product is better than my ability to use it smile

The problem was "Enable web browser extension link" not checked in the sessions.

Please close this, sorry for this.

Thanks for the quick support !!!

Clock11 mths