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"Password List" vs "Other (Custom)" for multiple field passwords

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is there a best practice for entering multiple field passwords?

For example "Smartphone/SIM card".
- Smartphone name / Owner
- pin1
- pin2
- puk1
- puk2

Or for services with passwords and passphrases/questions:
- Username/Mail:
- Password:
- First name of dog:
- Last name of cat:

"Password List" looks nearly good, except the missing possibility to name the 1st column (User) and the 2nd one (Description).
A variable mask and more columns would be also great, like:
- Username/Mail / Password / First name of dog / Last name of cat / and so on

... and the possibility to copy paste each (like ist works in the password list).

Also there should be a way to get the data via API.

Is this possible?

Best regards

Clock3 mths


I will transfer your post to our feature request section if you don't mind since those are feature additions/enhancements

Best regards,

Mark Beausejour


Customers that use Devolutions Password Server are provided free remote sessions for performing upgrades. Please send a request to the Devolutions Service Desk to get the process started.

Clock3 mths

Hello Mark,
Thank you. I see - the requested features are not yet implemented.


Clock3 mths

I'm not sure if it's exactly what you want but in the entry directly, you have a section name Custom Fields.


David Hervieux


Clock3 mths

Hello David,

no - that's not exactly for what I search.
My example with the smartphone or account registration is, what I'm looking for.

I'll try to explain it:
Registration of an account for a new internet-line.
Provider needs: Mailadress, password, security question 1, security question 2, security question 3.

If I could generate variable input masks like this:
Mail | password
What your mother first name | Martha
What your first car | Lada

... and mask the passwords and also have the possibility to copy and paste - that would be great.
The main purpose is, that some services need more input than username and password and that's
the data, I like to store in RDM - not just simple "username+password".

It's nearly like the password list, except the missing possibility, to change the field names like "User" und "Password"
to something I like - nearly like the custom variable fields, you mentioned:

Clock3 mths

Hello, I'm verry interessed with this topic.

There is any advancement on this ?

Clock2 mths

Hello Mathieu,

no news for the moment. We use "Password List" and "Other (Custom)" for now as a compromise/workaround.
But it's not really perfect for most situations.

Clock2 mths


We'll bump up the priority for adding this functionality to the password lists since we know it's something really interesting for our users. I'll let you know once we have something.


Hubert Mireault


Clock2 mths

Thank you for the update, Hubert!


Clock2 mths