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Zooming into all types of sessions

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It looks like the ability to zoom a bit into web sessions was added... wondering if the same could be added to other sessions. On a Webex, or something where the folks on the call can't seem to figure out how to adjust their screen, it would be nice if the host (with RDM) could zoom just a little... definitely less than 30%... just a nudge in the direction of making the text bigger.

Nothing super important, but figure while you're at it smile


Brian Krontz9 days ago

Quick question... zooming into other types of sessions... possible? Could it be? I've been on a bunch of Webex's with colleagues that had a hard time seeing things... would be a cool feature.

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    Max Trottier Staff Brian Krontz2 days ago

    Thanks for the suggestion Brian! Would you mind posting it on the Devolutions Forum in the Feature request section so we can get more feedback from other users as well? Thanks!

Clock10 mths

It really depends on the technology used. We plan to add it to RDP but for the other types (including webex), I'm not sure it's possible.


David Hervieux


Clock10 mths

Think maybe I could've been a little better at explaining... consider this unrelated to the screensharing technology in use... just looking for the ability (like Word or Excel) where you'd have a little slider at the bottom to increase/decrease the zoom a tiny bit on an RDP session or any other session. Sounds like RDP is in the works, which is great! Just throwing an idea out there. Thanks David!


Clock10 mths