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Open external option for running session

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The ability to undock a running session is very handy when running multiple servers and needing to compare data between them. But sometimes I may have another program open, such as a word document, or a text document, that I need to copy data to / from for one of the open windows, but clicking on any of the remote sessions, docked or undocked, puts ALL of them to the front, giving them focus, and covering up any other document I was working on.

I understand we can do open/external and then this isn't an issue, but I often don't know I will need to pull something out like this until I'm in the middle of a task and the server is already connected. In that instance, I can't open external. The feature does nothing.

It would be nice if in those instances the open external option STILL WORKED, and simply allowed the external MSTSC to launch and log in with the credentials fed to it, since then it would simply take over the docked session within RDM. The effect is the same, but we don't have to disconnect first and then reconnect.

And, conversely, if we could then simply right click and choose an option, or double click in the main RDM window's left pane, to reconnect again via RDM which then would simply take over the session running in MSTSC.

Kind of being able to hand off each direction, knowing we'd kill the one session to take over in the other method...

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I do not know if this solution would work for you, but to allow a connection to be re-opened using the open external command, you simply have to allow multiple connections. You can do this in the advanced tab of the specific entries, or even select it as the new default in File - Options.

Most of the times, since you will be using the same username/pw combination, the embedded tab will simply be disconnected when mstsc does connect.

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Maurice Côté


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Thanks Maurice. End results is what matters, and this at least gives me a workaround to get where I wanted to get.


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