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Hi all,

we're using remotedesktopmanager heavily in our daily business and it's running quite fine.

Due growth on our database (9k+ entries), we're hitting some performance limits - especially on search.

The problem is primary, that the user interface get's unresponsive when entering keywords on search filter.
Setting Only filter on enter effectively solves this issue - we're getting results within 1 second. That's acceptable.

Downside here:
When using the Select credentials dialogue, there isn't such a setting. So, searching for credentials is really a challenge.

My feature request has different approaches.

Select credentials with filter on enter
Quite easy. Like on navigation it would be nice if there's a similar feature that enables to only filter on enter when working in a selection dialogue - like select credentials.

Input key timeout
A smarter solution would be some sort of (configurable) key timeout when searching, so that searches are triggered if there's key input after a small delay (like 300ms). This would prevent this "stuttering" / laggy input that is introduced when searching while typing.

Background search
Best solution would be of course a combination of key timeout with some sort of background search, that doesn't block the UI at all.
If UI rendering introduces the unresponsiveness (having large datasets this may be reason for the current issue?) it may be an option to run search in background and just push the results to the UI after a short timeout (so while typing results are continously updated and if there's no more input the UI is finally updated - which results in a short moment of unresponsiveness).

It would be nice if there would be some improvements here - searching is just the fastest way to navigate through records and our whole team is struggling with current performance. Recommendations (like repositories) are available, but have in our experience more downsides that improvements.
Only filter on enter is currently helping to improve the situation - but like stated above this only applies to navigation filter.

Kind Regards,

Clock11 mths

Hello Daniel,
I will add a feature request to add setting for the input delay. I will also verify if we can use the same setting for the Only filter on enter


David Hervieux


Clock11 mths

Thanks David!

Clock11 mths