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Vault is an opensource tool for maintaining secrets, ssh keys, etc. much like many other tools that RDM already supports. If the customer is not going to buy and use Devolution Server, and is at all Linux-savvy, they will likely impliment the Vault tool. As such, I expect this will be requested if it hasn't already. To that end, I am requesting it now with links as requested:

Link to Vault:

Link to API documentation:

Please note: This may be premature, as the API is not yet stable according to the page warning. However it is developing quickly and is probably worth following for implementation when it does stabilize.

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Clock2 yrs

It's really a good tool. We will try to support it in a future version. We are currently working on Mateso Passwordsafe.


David Hervieux


Clock2 yrs

Any news about the integration of RDM with Hashicorp Vault ?

Clock7 mths

Hello, I'm also curious about this integration - is it still on the table/being looked at?

Clock4 mths


This is still in our list of integrations we would like to have in RDM. For now, we don't have an estimate on when we will have something available. We will update this topic when we do.


Hubert Mireault


Clock4 mths