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Remote has 2 displays... I can switch between them by selecting Display 0 or 1 on the menu bar. It would be great to be able to switch display by sliding my mouse to the right or left of the screen if in full screen mode.

If in windowed mode, a pause at the edge of the window could switch...

If I have more than one monitor on the local machine... could I open additional remote screens?



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Hi Raphael,

We have multiple concurrent monitors on the roadmap, it should be implemented later this year. It's more complicated than a single monitor at a time for various reasons. As for automatic switching between monitors by placing the mouse at the edge of the screen, have you seen such a feature in other products? I'd be curious to see how others might have implemented something like that.

Best regards,

Marc-André Moreau


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I've not seen this in a remote control software like Wayk or T. V. but did see something like that in Linux which did that if the mouse was moved to the edge of the screen. the screen to that side moved in.
My favorite look though is the Compiz desktop manager in Linux... Now it requires additional key presses (CRTL-ALT-Click) while using mouse to change view... But it looks so cool as the cube rotates. I know... its eye candy but people would go crazy over a feature like that.


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