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Unable to delete entries and folders

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Hello Devolutions,

I have an issue with some folders that I can't delete and this is causing lots of confusion, for some reason even when I select "delete" the folder still remains in the system.

What would be the best approach to clean all these entries that are not any longer needed besides right click delete?

One solution that I have found is to rename the folder, sometimes even the entries have the same problem I just came across an entire (jump box) linked with several other RDP connections that were causing issues,I had to recreate the jump box and re-linked with the rest of the RDP connections in order to make it accessible.

Can you guys please help me on this ?

Thanks in advance

Clock8 mths

it is not showing on the video, but i select "delete" several times and the folder is not being deleted.

Clock8 mths


As per your video, you are running RDM

What is the version of your Devolutions Server? Is it
If yes, could you install RDM and see if you still cannot delete an entry.

Best regards,

Jeff Dagenais


Clock8 mths

Great thanks for the help.

I will update the version on my RDM and see if that fixes the issue.


Clock8 mths