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DVLS server is not responding


We have been facing a recurrent error in RDM application, related with the DVLS server not responding.
Attached screenshots with error and logs.


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Hello Nicolas,

This issue is probably the Token Valid time, could you confirm in Devolutions Password Server Console if the value is set to 1. If so please change it to 1440.

Further information can be found at this help topic.

Best regards,

David Grandolfo


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Hi there,

Thanks for the prompt response, i changed the value, i hope the issue is fixed now.

Thank you.

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Hello Devolutions,
After the suggested corrections the server keeps failing, please see the attached document for reference.
Kind regards

DVLS server.jpg
LOGS dvls2.txt
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Hello Nicolas,

Let me know if I am wrong, but I think you are working with Kyana Campos. Am I correct?

If it's the case, a ticket has been opened yesterday in our ticketing system regarding the same issue.
The ticket number is DEVO-302.

One of my colleague will contact Kyana this morning regarding your issue.

Best regards,

Jeff Dagenais


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