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what all the access/password information I need to have to support activities as a CyberArk Admin

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I am new to CyberArk. I am looking for the information for, what all the access/password information I need to have to complete my daily support activities as a Cyberark Admin Support personnel.

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Are you also new to Remote Desktop Manager? Because, in my view, our current integration with them could be improved, but cannot be until they add a few API calls on their end.

Our current implementation supports the Password Vault Web Access (PVWA) API. We can get passwords out of their vault IF we have the name (keywords) to uniquely identify a credential.

This means that for each of the password in their vault, you need to create a corresponding credential entry in RDM. Not a viable solution for a truly integrated system. In the mean time, I have written a script that makes use of their PACLI command line tool to generate a CSV. Said CSV can be imported in RDM to easily link into the vault.

Until we have the needed APIs, we are working on supporting existing workflows: Windows Authentication, Launching sessions with their Privileged Session Manager (PSM).

We also have a breaking change brought on by their version 10, we should be working on resolving this in a coming release.

You will find the online help related to CyberArk at

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