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Choose port every time on RDP connection

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This may already be a feature i'm just not seeing. I use Kaseya Traverse for doing tunnels to client devices (giving me a specific IP and one of 40 random port numbers for every tunnel I build). So basically, I'm looking to be prompted to select my RDP port everytime I double click a saved RDP connection. Rather than having to go into edit and manually edit the RDP port every time.

At the moment, I just have 40 separate RDP connections pointing to the IP address and one of the 40 ports and just double click the one I want based on the port Kaseya gives me. But this method does not allow me to save credentials as a variety of different devices will get the same port at different times.

So an RDP port selector prompt every time on a select group of RDP links - Is this feature possible? If so, can anyone offer guidance and version number it is available on? Or if not possible, could it be possible in a future update?

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I will add a feature request for that. I will try to include it in RDM 14


David Hervieux


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I've seen a handful of Kaseya Traverse requests by searching but I understand it would be rather involved to fully integrate. I think the above would be the best solution without having to outright write an entire Kaseya API.

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It's upgrade time in the office. Just downloaded the latest version at home to test but doesn't look like my suggestion was implemented. Any chance this will get implemented at some point?

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