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[SOLVED] SSH syntax highlighting: add option to reorder entries

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In order to manage more easily the entries under Types > Terminal > Syntax Highlighting, it'd be great if we could reorder them (up / down) in the list.


Clock12 mths

Thank you for the idea


David Hervieux


Clock12 mths

Thanks for considering it. smile

I would add as well the following related request: do not modify the order of an entry after editing it. Currently, once an entry is edited, it is placed at the end of the table.

Clock11 mths


Sorry about the wait. We've added the option to manually sort your entries instead of by columns. We've also fixed the issue with the entries being out of order after an edit.
This will be available in the next version of RDM. Please let us know what you think once it's out.


Hubert Mireault


Clock7 mths

Looks good. Thanks!

Clock7 mths