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Please make the custom msi installer a bit smarter

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Hi Guys,

everytime when we update our RDM i get massive complaints from our colleagues caused by forced creation of shortcuts. Especially the shortcut on desktop is a problem, becouse it's not removable without administrative privileges.

I can edit the msi installer with orca, but to be honestly i don't want to do that everytime. It would be nice if you provide the possibility to advice the installer to create or not create shortcuts with msi parameters. Maybe by setting a property value (, but i don't know wich.

Kind Regards,


Clock11 mths

I will double check but it supposed to remember the last setting for the shortcut on the desktop. The only one that we have an issue, is the one in the Windows taskbar.


David Hervieux


Clock11 mths

I second this. I'd go even further though and ask that RDM stop re-creating shortcuts every time we update.
I delete the shortcut on my desktop, but every time I upgrade to a new release the RDM installer re-creates the shortcut on my desktop. very annoying.

Clock11 mths