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Multi domain usage

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Can you consider a multi domain usage in your future version?
Actually DVLS using an account to read the Active Directory and create the users account on the DVLS Server.

In the best way, we would like that DVLS read de group recursively so we can use a Local Group in the principal domain.
This group have to contain all the universals groups from other domains.

Maybe an easiest way to do it is to offer the possibility to setup multiple "runner" account.
So if you have 5 domains (like us) you will be able to use a service account in every domain, but we only keep one account for the IIS role and for the DB.

Now, what's the benefit? Here is our needs and why we need that:

We have 5 domains, 1 for the ressources (servers etc.), 4 for the users (because we're a group of multiple company).
Actually we can't offer the password vault for all our users because of that, we also can't use Windows Authentification on our laptops for RDM because we've to setup an account from the ressource domain.

I'm pretty sure that other big compagnies use this domain based architecture.


Arnaud Spiroux

Clock12 mths

Thank you for your suggestion. I can't give you an exact time frame but this is definitively something on the radar.


David Hervieux


Clock12 mths