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Auto Hide Navigation Bar - Credential Entries

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More of an annoyance than anything but sometimes when I'm using a single screen and need to work on several sessions in RDM whilst referring to some documentation I will auto hide the navigation bar and then vertically snap RDM to one side of the screen and the documentation to the other. If I then launch a session from the navigation bar, the act of opening a session will cause the navigation bar to auto hide again. However, if I am copying say the password from a credential entry in the navigation bar it does not auto hide an I have to pin and unpin it to make it disappear. It would be great if copying details from a credential entry causes the navigation bar to auto hide like it does with opening a session.

Clock2 yrs

I think that I will need a small video to understand what you mean. Is it possible.


David Hervieux


Clock2 yrs