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convert entries using templates WITHOUT being admin

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So this one doesn't make much sense. See screenshots.
My engineer's can convert entries into different types of entries, but they can't perform that same action using a custom template unless they're an admin? Why?

According to Jeff D on your helpdesk, you have to be an admin to convert entries to a different entry type using a custom template?

Picture 1 is my machine (I'm an admin)
Picture 2 is my engineer's machine (standard user)

Clock9 mths

The reason why we do that is that's it could lead to a security risk and expose some of you data by converting the entry to something less secure. We could add a security right to allow this and you can give access to some of your users. What do you think?


David Hervieux


Clock9 mths

Yes, that's more than fine. Allow the admins the option of delegating that permission per user. They can already convert into other kinds of entries, so it makes sense for users to be able to convert into entries using custom templates.

Clock9 mths