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Migrate PVM and RDM to Devolutions Server

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We are currently using Password Vault Manager and Remote Desktop Manager. RDM links credentials to PVM, so they are used together regularly.
It seems to me that Devolutions Server would be a great way to simplify our setup and boost performance for our users with server side caching and using only one desktop application for both.

How can we migrate our Setup to Devolutions Server?

i see the following challenges right now:
- RDM database structure is the same, so migration would be simple, but what about PVM? how can we combine these Databases?
- Linked Credentials should work again after the migration, so they have to be automatically relinked to the common database instead of the seperate application.
- is there a crossgrade from PVM to Devolutions Server? how does our costs change after migration? (we will be using about 15 licenses)

thanks for your help

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You would simply import both RDM and PVM datasources in the same Devolutions Server data source (Renamed Devolutions Password Server already..)

As for the links, they would need to be recreated as the mechanism is quite different. We can recommend a few strategies, but it depends on how you organize your information.

As for pricing, if you do not need load balancing and disaster recovery, you will be able to use our Team Edition which supports up to 15 users for 500$/y

If you had users that only viewed passwords or used our browser extension to perform auto-login, they could use a Client Access License (CAL) that would allow them access to the web portal only. These are cheaper than the PVM license used to be (albeit being a subscription as well...)

We can offer a demo if you wish, just visit

Best regards,

Maurice Côté


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Thank you Maurice

Sounds good, i'm going to look into the trial and get back to you if i need anything

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