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I would like to see the top tier of tabs colored automatically in different colors as they are opened. And the next tier of tabs below reflect the same color (although maybe subdued/faded in that same color).

I know you can manually set the tab colors but something automatic that just keeps the open set of tabs visually separated would be nice. It would make the navigation between devices more intuitive IMHO. When managing many devices at once as one person this is important.

P.S. Recently found your RDM app and have been evaluating it. Was using MRemoteNG and keeping things visually separated on the left hand side (Company Navigation) was frustrating. RDM allowing me to use different color and custom icons really helped out in that respect. Something automatic and intuitive for the tabs would be awesome.

Clock12 mths

I will enter a feature request for that. We could try to set a default color on focus.


David Hervieux


Clock12 mths