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"Check if host is online" option turned on - by itself

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This may not be reproduceable but I've been using RDM for a while now (currently on I almost always using RDM 64-bit but I ran into a bug so I closed RDM 64-bit and opened RDM 32-bit (to see if it was reproduceable in the 32-bit version) and it was (the bug is a separate issue). Anyway, since it was reproduceable, I closed the 32-bit app and launched the 64-bit app again and when I did, several of my entries were RED. So I investigated it and found that the "Check if host is online" option was now checked (it wasn't previously checked/enabled). So I unchecked that option and the RED went away. I tried it again (launching thr 32-bit then the 64-bit) and it didn't happen any longer. Just an FYI...

Clock2 yrs


This is very strange indeed.

Do you have a scenario where this occurs?

Did it only happen once?

Best regards,

Mark Beausejour


Clock2 yrs

Yeah, it only happened once. I don't think it will be reproducable - but I posted it just as a FYI in case others report it also


Clock2 yrs