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I saw a post on the blog a while ago regarding how to use SSH Tunnels to connect to RDP.

I do use it a lot, and I really don't like the way it works.

I would like to use the SSH Tunnels like the TS Gateway.

You create an "Entry" with the hostname/ip, user, and passwords for the tunnel. Than, you create your RDP Entry, with the real computer ip/name, user, and passwords. You select the SSH Tunnel entry with option "Ping first", and the SSH Tunnel will randomly select a local ip or port that is available, if the ping is off...

Thanks =-)

Clock13 mths

Hey Tommy,

Coincidence, we've started working on that improvement just last week.

The SSH Gateway will need to be set in the VPN tab of your RDP entries, but it will result in the scenario that you describe.

for tracking purposes, this is ticket WIN-874

Best regards,

Maurice Côté


Clock13 mths

I tried many combination of stuff I know, but it always ends needing to enter the local ssh ip/port as the computer name, so there is no way to bypass it.

can we "Split" variables? I could be able to work around by entering in the computer field, but SVR123 in the Entry name, if I can use $NAME[1]$ kind of vars???

Clock13 mths


Not built-in.

I have tried with a combination that is often overlooked, host & templates. I hit a wall because the port is not taking into consideration our variables. In exposing it with a spinedit, it made validation easier, but it precludes usage of variables because they are effectively strings...

I will think further on this subject, but for now I would recommend waiting for our improvement as it should come quickly.

Sorry about that

Maurice Côté


Clock13 mths