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Different Password for one ID

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I suggest to implement a way to create more than one password for ID.

I.e.: I install remote connection software on my customers, if they need a remote service. On general i set a fixed password, because I need to connect without user on server side. But the client use the software with other suppliers, so he need to change my fixed password and my next connection need a user on the other side.

I don't know if you understand my point of view.

Thank You.

Guilherme Mauri

P.s.: Teamviewer has a similar way of it.

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Hi Guilherme,

If I understand correctly, what you would like is a way to set multiple passwords on for the same machine such that different passwords can be shared to different people and managed independently. In other words, if one machine is potentially managed by more than one person, you would like each person to get a different password. The main issue here is that if you want to give access to somebody else temporarily, the current password should be changed, yet you would like to keep at least one password that doesn't change so you can keep connecting without the user being present at the computer.

We have something planned that isn't exactly what you described, but could very well solve your issue. With 2.1.0, we released an initial implementation of an invitation link that shares your ID as a shareable link. With the next version of the invitation link feature, it will be possible to generate an invitation that contains a one-time password, such that you would invite someone to connect with a different password that can be used only once without affecting your current fixed password. Would this be a good way to solve the problem you are describing?

Let me know what you think,
Best regards,

Marc-André Moreau


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Hi Marc,

You understand my point of view. Thank you for your answer, I'll wait the next versions.

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