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How to remove (delete) a Favorites folder

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I am using RDM and I'm having an issue removing a folder from my Favorites tree. We are using a central SQL database for our RDM. I have a few hundred entries in RDM and maybe 50 or so listed in my Favorites. Those 50 are organized into folders (I had four folders but a 5th one appeared (I think recently but technically I'm not sure when it appeared because I don't use it - I just noticed it this morning). The folder is empty, my other folders are not. My folders in my Favorites have the same names as folders in my main vault (although they aren't linked to the folders in the vault but they do have the same name). This folder that is empty, I can't delete it, rename it or anything. How can I remove an empty folder from the Favorites list? Is there a configuration file or a SQL query for it? It looks like I can edit/delete the other folders, just not this one.

Thank you

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Have you tried to select the folder and press the X button at the bottom of the Navigation Pane to delete it?

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Jeff Dagenais


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Thanks Jeff, I didn't even see the "X" there. When I right-clicked on the folder, DELETE was greyed out and same on the ribbon (DELETE is greyed out). I tried to return to the legacy UI but that didn't help.

Looks like we're all good now - thanks again!!

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