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Password.Link API intergration

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It'd be grand if we could right click a credential, and send via a one-time-password-link service like
The site seems to have all kinds of API functions so it should be possible?

Best case would be a URL is generated and copied to clipboard for delivery via email etc.

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Could you give me more details on it would be used in RDM?


David Hervieux


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Hi David,
Thanks for your interest.
We're often asked by a customer for a credential, serial number or WPA key etc.
It'd be nice to be able to right click a credential and 'Send via email' which would compose a new email with the default MAPI client that has embedded the URL, username and a dynamically generated one-time-URL password.llink. The thinking here is that if the email account gets compromised down the track, the URL is useless to an attacker.

At the moment, it's a matter of logging into, copying the PW/key our of RDM, pasting it, generating a one-time-link, copying this to a new email, furnishing it with detail about how to use it and then sending it off.

Some kind of integration with this service would turn it into a 'right click, email password, polish fine/tune email then send' process which would save us time.

The basic functionality would be awesome, but it would be nice if it leveraged the API which allows us some degree of customization in the landing page etc.
Do let me know if you need any more help, or if you would like me to put the people in contact with you. They have been very responsive with any requests we've made of them.

As always, love the product and thanks for all your help.

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